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Your Wedding Venue

September 27, 20221 min read

Remember, finding your venue is first on your to-do list and it will be the magical backdrop that will be a treasure for you, your family, and your friends.


To decide what type of wedding site you really desire, look at venues that match in style with the necessary elements like~

Is it the right size to accommodate my guest count?
Is it at the ballpark price point?
Does it have the necessary equipment?

Does it have the basics? Lights, Water, Toilets, Parking!

And that leads us to~ What questions should I ask on my site visit? It's helpful to review the information the venue sends you first and get as many of your questions answered as possible out of the way before visiting. Make a list of your unanswered ones to ask at the end of the tour.

Lorin Rose

Certified Wedding Planner, Lorin Rose

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